Unlock App Lock without password


Applock is the app where you can password protect mobile apps, photos, videos, files, documents and they will stay secure, but sometimes we forget our password and pattern and it can be more curious to open app lock then, so here we provide some useful tips and tricks to open app lock without a password, some simple hacks and tricks to access app lock’s protected stuff without having password, simply follow these steps given below.

Unlock Applock app: Without Password

How to open Applock – full process

Some great tricks to access password protected apps, files, photos without having the password. just follow these steps:-

Trick 1.
  • Open Setting >> Apps >> Applock
  • Click on force stop or freeze button there.

After this Applock will be frozen or stop working till you open it again. so you can access to apps or files which are protected with app lock earlier. this trick can be helpful for short time unblocking without knowing the password of Applock.

Trick 2.

Simply uninstall the App lock app, after that you can open apps, files, photos without any password. also, you can do uninstall the app by going to your android Mobile’s Setting >> Apps >> Applock and then click on Uninstall button there. whenever you need it, just go to Google Play Store and Install it again.

Hide/Unhidden Applock Icon

You can hide the applock icon from your app drawer, so anyone else can’t access your password protected stuff with tricks given above. for this process Open Applock and then go to Setting >> Hide Icon Option and then Check it. after this close applock so now no one can simply see app lock in your app menu.

To Unhide Applock you have to do these process:-

  • Open phone Dialer and dial *#*#12345#*#*. it will open AppLock automatically.
  • Go to your mobile browser (JavaScript supported browser as Chrome etc.) and open domobile.com/applock (with internet access)or directly click here to open App Lock (Offline).

Tricks and Tips to make Applock Secure

  • Make your applock device administrator, so no one can’t uninstall it, go through
  • Settings >> Security >> Device administrators,
  • and select Applock there. now anyone can’t simply uninstall it directly.
  • you can install additional features by Domobile’s AppLock to make it more secure.

If you’re still facing any problem related to unlocking applock without the password or about its security. you can leave a comment below, we’ll help you here.


  1. Is there any online method which show the pattern/password of applock… Please tell me because i have suffered with this problem….. If there is any way to do so then please suggest some secure solution to overcome this problem

    • Abhishek we didn’t find such method yet, all of the methods we know to unlock app lock with easy tricks are above, let us know if you’re having any problem with these Solutions.


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