How to Get Facebook Likes without Autoliker


As you all know about Facebook pages and so familiar with them too, the place where People share their opinion, memes, jokes, and gags with others and have a good amount of likes.

So how these Facebook Pages get these much likes and followers, and how you can also increase likes on your facebook page too. I will share some useful tips and tricks about getting likes on the Facebook page without using any Autolikers.

Although you have seen Facebook Page Ads where Pages request for likes, and they have to pay for that, which is a costly process for a beginner, as known by research you have to spend a minimum of ₹ 10 (approximate) for a Single like on Facebook Page by Facebook Advert.

So how can you get facebook likes without spending any penny?

I will share some free methods to increase Facebook Page Likes and get more audience to reach without using FB Adverts.

If you are thinking about going with Autolikers do not fall for it, Autolikers may give you facebook likes but these likes are fake, and you will be at high risk of getting hacked on FB, as it is a spam trick and you will not get any valuable audience through such Autolikers.

No Matter what type of page you are running if you follow these basic steps, you will get more viewers and users to like your Facebook page and posts.

Steps to get more Facebook Page Likes:

  1. Post on Facebook 2 to 10 times Daily.
  2. Share more Gif images. It helps to increase shares on your posts.
  3. Always Share Image with your Facebook post, it gets more reach than the only status.
  4. Comment on pages with a better audience then you can also lead to getting more valuable likes.
  5. Use a unique and related Facebook page URL, set if didn’t yet
  6. Ask users to share their views and photo to your page.
  7. Share your Facebook Page URL to other related Pages/Groups.
  8. It’s better to upload images album than a single image. It leads to more viewers.
  9. Don’t Post Unrelated or Spam things on Facebook
  10. Nudity and Pornographic content will lead you to get blocked by Facebook.

Tips and Tricks for Website/ Blog owners (to Getting FB Likes)

  1. Add a Like Button your blog you can get here.
  2. Use Popup box to get more users to like your Facebook page.
  3. Post through Instant Articles on Facebook.
  4. Use WordPress Plugins like Simple Facebook Plugin to add facebook page box to Blog and Sites.
  5. Use Social Locker to get more likes on your Site/Blog Content.
  6. Always add “Like us” button at the end of your post on Blog or Site.


Note: Don’t add too many Ads on your blog or site to get recognised on other social platform and use instant articles to get more users to read your blog content on Facebook regularly.


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